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Current P.A.R.K. Students

Quadrell Sims

Quadrell Sims is an outstanding senior at J.A. Fair High School and a young man who could be summed up as an example of true motivation. Even with a disability, Quadrell does not let that stop him. He blends in with the other 249 students as if he has none.

This strong young man has stayed true to whom he is, his goals, and his word. He has kept his motivation in pursuit of raising his g.p.a. He is now on our 3.0 and above board, and P.A.R.K. is extremely proud to say that he is one of P.A.R.K.’s success stories.

Quadrell has been a very grateful and positive member of M.O.B. (Men of Blessing) where he has shown great leadership skills by motivating his fellow brothers in the group.

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